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Here you will find everything you need to know about Economics, from the basics to more advanced concepts. Whether you're looking to improve your understanding of the economy or simply want to learn more about how it works, this is the right place for you!!!

Hi, I'm Jagdeep..!

I'm an Economics teacher. As a teacher of Economics, over the past 15+ years of my teaching expertise, I have seen many students struggling with this subject. I'm on a mission to help one million students get good grades in economics and implement its principles in their daily decision-making.

I've founded Economics With Jagdeep in 2022 to fix this problem

Help Students Get Good Grades

It is my mission to help students learn and understand economics. I want to help them see how economics works in the real world and how it can be used to make better decisions. I believe that economics is a powerful tool that can be used to improve people's lives.

Digital Coaching

I have experience of over 15+ years in the teaching fraternity, and I have seen students struggling with economics. I can guide them on a path where they not only learn economics but will become capable of implementing its principles too!

Economics Learning Hub

I founded this community in 2022 to help students understand economics and apply its principles in their daily decision-making.

Economics learning Hub

I am building a new way to learn economics for students.

Know the conceptual framework of economics

Get access to the "Economics Concept-Clarity Blueprint" to help you to understand the basic and important concepts of Economics. 

The conceptual framework of economics is the backbone of the entire discipline. It helps economists to better understand how the economy works, and how to make better decisions when it comes to policymaking and economic research.

Practice The Knowledge Gained

Economics theory has many numericals and diagrams. Once you are versed with the concepts, all you need is to implement them in diagrams and numerical problems.

Take Assessments

Taking an assessment is a great way to gauge your understanding of a subject. It can also give you insight into your own learning style and preferences. When it comes to understanding economics, an assessment can be extremely helpful. Not only will it let you know how much you know about the subject, but it can also highlight any areas where you may need further clarification or review

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"I had the opportunity to learn from Jagdeep Miss. She had been able to differentiate her teaching in a very innovative way, Which helps the student to learn and understand the concept very well." 

Bindee Kakkad

Lead-Strategic Alliance and Partnership-Marketplace at Lodha

I had the privilege to be one of the students of Jagdeep Ma’am. She taught me marketing and the simplicity with which she explains complex concepts is remarkable. She gives personal attention to each and every student in the class and helps the ones who lack behind. 

Thank you 😊

Twinkle Jasani

Digital Product Manager, HDFC Securities

Jagdeep is very talented and expert in her subject. Her innovative and teaching style was really impressive and that made a big difference. She is found to be uniquely resourceful and adaptive. She has the passion, communicative skills, and abilities to be an outstanding teacher.

Salim Muhammed

General Manager

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